ReCreate is an EU project that aims to boost economic prosperity and regenerate the centres of small and medium size cities in South East England and Northern France through the support of cultural and creative industries.

ReCreate Logo

Designed by Haaris Sheikh, student at the University for the Creative Arts. UCA is a ReCreate Partner

It primarily addresses the needs of small and micro enterprises, creative practitioners, university students, graduates and local residents, providing support for their professional development and facilitating them to start up their own creative enterprises.

ReCreate will create a network of studio, showcasing and workspaces by re-using vacant or semi-vacant commercial and cultural spaces in town centres. It will additionally offer the much needed training, seminars and other learning opportunities laying the ground for cross- border exchange of best practices and ideas, collaborations and networks.

ReCreate is part- funded by the European INTERREG IV A France (Channel) England Cross-border Cooperation Programme until June 2015. There are 15 partners participating at ReCreate from both sides of the Channel.

For more information, visit the official ReCreate website and our  ReCreate partner hubs page.